Salsa and Speedbumps, by Susan Baganz

This review is a pleasure to write. Not only because the author is a friend, but because I am so excited to have read this romantic suspense novel. You’ve seen my review, perhaps, of her last book, Pesto & Potholes, and noticed how I commented on how very romantic the love scenes were…? Well, yes, she’s done it again. Does anyone do romantic like Baganz?


Author Susan Baganz

Romance aside, this novel is chock full of current elements for the reader to relate to and furthers our understanding of things like date rape, unwed motherhood, sex trafficking, addiction to pain meds, and so much more.

I love it that the heroine, Stephanie, never wavers in her commitment to life. She never considers killing her unborn baby. Nope, that’s not anything she would consider. Just move forward, trust God. And lo, she’s given Roberto! He’s a lawyer, he is super into her, and let’s just say, they go on from there, if you get my gist.

SalsaandSpeedbumps copy (2)


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