“An Amish Market” book review

Four novellas together between two covers. I have to say that even though I am often leery of Amish fiction, this collection was a pleasant read. Four quite different tales, all by some of the better authors working in the genre (IMO).

First novella: Involves lovelorn Amish girl drawing a scorned man out of his shell at the same time encouraging him in his artisanship.

Second novella: A seeming mismatch does get resolved into true love, but not until a comedy of errors occurs surrounding a quilt.

Third novella: My favorite author in this genre, Kelly Irvin, brings it once again.A relocated heroine makes a bad first impression on one of the local bachelors. On the way to true love, said heroine takes dear reader along on a rumspringa jaunt to a pool hall. Ever wondered what that would be like? You’ll find out here. Irvin doesn’t sugar-coat Amish dynamics, and her stories have real depth.

Fourth novella: Older hero and heroine both work at a place that can only be called an “Amish Theme Park.” Tourists flock to see the old-timey buildings, crafts, and schoolhouse with real Amish attendants. Setting is based on a real place. The romance between a widower and a spinster is really cute, too.

I recommend this collection – all the stories are good and you can sample four authors.


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