“Hounded” a novella by Anita Klumpers

If you enjoy snickering while reading (I do), and prefer unique plots (who doesn’t), populated by characters who are anything but “same old”, you may have found your next read in Hounded, by Wisconsin author, Anita Klumpers.

anita picThe book is a compelling and puzzling mystery that keeps you guessing (amid chuckles and snorts of laughter). Deceptively calming, one is lulled into amused enjoyment, but then the red herrings start to stink, and something wicked is definitely stalking our lovely main character.

LoveIs_Hounded copyThere’s a dog involved in the story, so all of you pet-lovers will enjoy getting to know the sweet pet dog you will meet between these pages as you cheer for the protagonist, and puzzle over clues till the very end.

Somewhere between a cozy and a standard murder mystery, there’s a lot to like about Hounded. Be sure to give it a try…I am pleased to recommend that you read this fine mystery.


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