“The Gift of Friendship” review by Susan


53 tales of extravagent friendship. Contributed by dozens of female authors, this is a book celebrating women’s friendships. It would make a special, wonderful gift. Then borrow it back if you can, because you won’t want to miss the stories held within. I know…buy 2!

When I looked the book over, my thoughts ran to “What would I write about friendship, if I were asked?” I’d probably come up with something, but I am very impressed with the breadth, depth, and variety of insights brought forward through these women’s stories.

Some of the categories (each of which hold 5-6 tales) include: Building Community, Vulnerability, Hospitality, Old Friends. I really like this book and the concept that brought it to life.

4 thoughts on ““The Gift of Friendship” review by Susan

  1. I saw this advertised somewhere and really got interested in it. It’s good to hear that you liked it! I’m curious – what was the overall tone? Funny,heartwarming, tearjerking? All of the above?

    • Hi, I got the book out again in order to address your question. Overall tone in my opinion is: interesting. Lots of variety, many settings, values are expressed through fascinating anecdotes. The stories are mostly short and as I said, highly interesting, if you like snippets of personal narrative with the value of aspects of friendship brought to the fore.

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