Book Review: “On Lone Star Trail” by Amanda Cabot

Set at a resort in Texas hill country (gotta go there someday – the author makes it sound so special), this is the final book in the Texas Crossroads series. Author Cabot gives you much to enjoy in this deeply layered, nuanced romance.


If you enjoy handsome love-interests in your fiction, this book gives you two. Heroine Gillian (soft or hard G, I don’t know) gets her choice of two credible men. One is a politician named Mike, who is wealthy and a pretty good catch, not just because he’s well off — he’s actually nice. The other man is TJ, a widower and un-ordained former preacher, who is on a trip to check off items on his dead wife’s bucket list. Another “nicey”. Which will be her soul-mate? You can guess, but the author plays it close to the vest, making you all the more willing to keep turning the pages of this well-crafted novel.

The story opens with former concert pianist (accent on the second syllable 🙂 on the road to see her friends at their resort, Rainbow’s End. A motorcycle, driven by TJ, crashes into her car and he goes flying over the guardrail. He emerges from the desert ditch relatively unscathed, but his smashed up motorcycle isn’t so blessed. So, instead of going on to the last bucket list item, he is held up in Dupree for several long weeks while the bike is repaired.

Without giving away any more of the fascinating details, you will “ride” along on the story, while gifted author Cabot skillfully blends several redemptive story lines, all of which are interesting enough to keep me turning pages. Another nice thing about this book, is that it took me longer than usual to read — telling me I hadn’t wanted to miss one detail.




2 thoughts on “Book Review: “On Lone Star Trail” by Amanda Cabot

  1. Susan — I’m so glad you enjoyed Gillian (soft ‘g’ — also spelled Jillian) and TJ’s story. The picture of the book on your mantel is fabulous! Are you a photographer at heart?

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