Book Review: “Thin Ice” by Irene Hannon

Hannon, one of the best writers currently being published in the Christian fiction market, has done it again. An engaging set of characters, combined with just the right amounts of tension, conflict and mystery, provide a satisfying read.

100_9887Part of the “Private Justice” series, the story brings a grieving young woman (Christy) together with a valiant FBI agent (Lance). As they work through the series of unsettling threats and arrive at a gripping solve, they begin to care for each other.

The fact that Lance is working on her case forces him to leash his intentions — love those leashed desires! And former Olympic hopeful ice-skater Christy fights off horrid feelings of victimhood, while her heart is yearning toward Lance — love those yearning hearts!

The St. Louis setting is interesting, the plot moves along at a good pace. I recommend this to any reader who enjoys inspirational romance, well-written, and with a healthy dollop of suspense.

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