Book Review: “The Horse of My Heart ~ Stories of the Horses We Love”,

Edited by Callie Smith Grant, this collection of horse stories is sure to please. This volume contains 32 original, true stories all about horses. Special horses, and everyday horses who do special things. In the stories, humans learn lessons, are rescued, and made to laugh. If you love to read, and love horses, this is […]

Book Review: Murder at the Courthouse, by A.H. Gabhart

Gabhart’s deceptively lighthearted mystery unravels into a baffling case that has lovable former policeman turned deputy sheriff Michael reeling from clue to clue. The town with a population just over 700 holds the clues, but how will the plethora of theories be whittled down to reveal the truth? When the sheriff begins to investigate one […]

Book Review: “You Can’t Text a Tough Conversation” by Mike Bechtle

Such a needed message. I THOUGHT this book was about texting and how to get young people to talk and put down their phones/devices. No, it’s so much more! With its 18 fascinating chapters, this book by Dr. Bechtle is seriously just what the doctor ordered. So much here! It’s basically all about how to […]

“The Imposter” by Suzanne Woods Fisher {a book review by Susan Karsten}

This book was definitely a surprise. Not written in the reverent tone of some Amish fiction, and the characters much more unpredictable. I even chuckled out loud at one point. If you are a fan of the Mitford series by the fabulous Jan Karon, you will find a comparable feel within this Amish fiction book. […]