Thrifty Gardening Adventures, by Susan Karsten

My front yard has a flagpole, surrounded by flowers. The perennials that crowded and filled the 4′ circle were all tall and gave the visual effect of a stalky, 7-layer cake with a very tall candle in the middle.

I wrenched those out, all but a few more desirable, less invasive plants which I kept. Here’s what it looked like at that point”

You can see black-eyed Susan in the foreground,100_7489

and some Wedding Candle beyond that. Here’s an even clearer view of the “before”:100_7490

So, I went to a shop in a tiny town. The Village Flower Shop sold me two flats of large annuals for $5. I got an accent plant (that alone was orig. $8), two wave petunias, a dahlia, two large sweet alyssum, Swedish ivy, 3 geraniums, and two Coleus. Here are the plants before planting:100_7491100_7492

Here are some pictures of what I did with $5 of plants: 100_7493

And the flagpole flower bed:100_7496100_7494It will fill out even more, and I will add mulch.

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