Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Pesto & Potholes, by Susan Baganz

the other night, I had the enjoyable privilege of attending the launch party for Pesto & Potholes, a new novel by Susan Baganz.  Surrounded by fans, copies of the books, and delectable themed eats, we all enjoyed hearing Susan speak about her writing journey and had a chance to shoot a variety of questions at her.

Author Susan Baganz

Author Susan Baganz

An acquisitions editor as well as a writer, Baganz has oodles of completed manuscripts, but Pesto & Potholes is her publication debut novel.  Contemporary Romance is the genre, and the romantic scenes in this novel are extremely emotionally authentic, and, for lack of a better word….romantic!

book cover

book cover

Now, I will proceed with my review:

Pesto & Potholes is an excellent debut! This novel is loaded with lots of tasty ingredients. Delicious characters, both serious and whimsical (I’m thinking Edith here). The details of the setting are marvelous and of great interest to me, because I live near where the book is set. The realistic twists and turns of the couple’s romance grab you and don’t let you go. The bumps and trials (potholes) on the path to love and healing are real ones — unlike so many books where one little conversation between lovers would set all right — NO, this story has genuineness on every page, with some very fascinating and realistic problems keeping the hero and heroine apart. I was very satisfied and savored it down to the last page. Am very impressed with this worthwhile read. Will definitely watch for more by Susan Baganz.

3 thoughts on “Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Pesto & Potholes, by Susan Baganz

  1. Great review of a really pleasing, well-written book. And I just want to sit at Susan’s feet and learn all about public speaking. (Both Susans. come to think of it. You’re pretty good yourself!)

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