Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review: Creole Princess

100_6134The twists and turns of love are thoroughly satisfying here — especially if you like heaping dollops of delicious historical detail. This is the second book I have enjoyed by this author and she treads some unique ground, both with her plot twists, and characters. I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered a book set in 1776 Alabama.

What are some unusual time/settings you’ve come across in your reading? Please leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review: Creole Princess

  1. I really enjoyed this book too, I know absolutely nothing about American history, apart from after the second world war, so I found this book really interesting. I recently read the English girl by Margaret Leroy which is set in Vienna before the second world war, a very good read. I read an old series of my mums called the daughters of England, which follows the women of one family from the tudor times right to the modern day, that gave me a great picture of history.

    • Thank you for the recommendation – will look into The English Girl, by Leroy. Just read an amazing historical fiction book: “My Name is Resolute” set leading up to the American Revolution. Highly recommend it. Painless, enjoyable learning!

      • Oh I will look into that as well. I enjoy history, and reading about it in stories is always fun, especially when you don’t know to much about the era!

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