Stranded, by Don & Stephanie Prichard, a book review by Susan Karsten

Set in the early 1980s, this book defies easy categories…because it’s so strong in many of them.  Adventure (of course), romance, suspense, mystery, inspirational.  I was eager to read this since I so enjoy stories of survival. This one ‘brings it’ and get ready for shades of Robinson Crusoe! The castaways are endearing, flawed, and inspiring.  I don’t want to give any of the fun of the plot away, but rest assured, this one brings adrenaline into play.

I also enjoyed the numerous allusions found woven into the drama. For example, there’s a garden on the island. The garden reminds you of the Garden of Eden — not just by description, but because of some of the things that happen there. The spiritual element is strong, but inobtrusive, and the historical accuracy is amazing.

No doubt, this book will please with its incendiary plot, great characters, and gut-wrenching pathos. I’d love to sit down with the authors and ask them more about the book’s genesis, so watch this blog for a possible interview in the future. Pleas leave a comment if you’ve read any great survival stories. Thanks, Susan


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