At Home in Last Chance, by Cathleen Armstrong (book review by Susan Karsten)

Ignore the freaky hairdo on the cover model. This is one excellent inspirational romance! I’d like to know how the author nails her characters so well? What do I care about a once-failure of a former beautician single-mother? Don’t ask me how, but I do – and so will you as you enjoy the gritty, […]

My latest book review: Romancing Your Better Half, by Rick Johnson

Is the woman always considered the “better half”? Is that fair? Is it true? Those questions aside, I find the title intriguing, and the contents worthwhile. Many thought-provoking sections include communicating with the other sex, love (as in falling into it), romance and intimacy, sexuality, and woundedness. The author finishes with a chapter “for Him”, […]

Latest Book Review: The Financially Confident Woman, by Mary Hunt

What a treat to find that Mary Hunt has written a new book! I used to read her newspaper column (are there still those?;) and got so many great tips from her. I really mean great.┬áNow she has dedicated a whole book to financial matters and the book is loaded with good wisdom. I like […]