Exciting New Kitchen Implement

At one of my recent estate sales (find me on facebook at “White Rose Estate Sales by Susan” if you’re curious), I found a kitchen tool that, in my 25 years of married life, I did not possess. No, it wasn’t an oddment such as a cherry-pitter, or a corn cob kernel-stripper, it was a humble measuring cup.

But not just any measuring cup. This was a metal two-cup dry measure. Here is a picture of it.


It is about 5″ across and about 3.5″ deep with nicely marked gradiations on the side. Now, you ask me, “What’s the big deal?” It’s GREAT! I’ve had a about two weeks and it’s really come in handy several times already. I have used it for a bread recipe calling for 4 cups of flour, for example, for which I only had to load my cup twice, instead of four times.

I can’t understand why these aren’t more common – they are great to own.100_5294

2 thoughts on “Exciting New Kitchen Implement

    • Thanks for confirming my excitement at my find! I guess it’s not exactly “new” to everyone…just to me. I got a 2T one at the same estate sale — I’ve had plastic ones tha size, but not metal.

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