“The Christmas Cat” by Melody Carlson, a book review by Susan Karsten

Let me get it right out there, I signed on to review this with mixed feelings. Cats are not on my list of “book topics I enjoy” — in fact, normally I would run the other direction from a cat-themed anything!

This book, however, transcends cats. Yes, there are some cats in the story. They are totally superseded and blessedly overshadowed by the fantastic story, the interesting characters, and the utter charm of this romance.

Garrison and Cara will warm their way into your heart and imagination better than any cat rubbing against your legs. The setting is very cool, too — Vancouver Island. I do have my doubts that exposure to cats will gradually take away one’s cat allergy, but will suspend my disbelief long enough to rave about the book and assure you that you’ll enjoy it. Any cat-loving fiction reader would like to receive this as a gift.


Are there any topics you avoid in your fiction reading? Please answer in comments.

Thanks, Susan

6 thoughts on ““The Christmas Cat” by Melody Carlson, a book review by Susan Karsten

  1. There are a lot of war books I won’t read just because they are about wars and combat. But *War and Peace* was really good:)

  2. Good comparison! I don’t relish battle scenes, but have read my share to get to the good parts! 🙂 Battle, most often read about: Battle of Waterloo (because it happened during my genre’s time).

  3. I had a similar experience this season with a novella with a cat on the cover: Merry Christmas, Darling by Denise Devine. I also don’t jump at the chance to read books with cats (or pretty much any other animal, if it looks like it’s an “animal story”) on the covers, but the romantic Christmas comedy turned out to have little to do with the cat pictured. I’ve heard that books with animals on the covers are a good selling trend right now, which might explain all the pets and whatnot showing up on the covers of romances. 😀

    By the way, you take the best pictures to accompany your reviews!

  4. So glad to find at least one other avid reader who doesn’t care for much pet-action in the books we like to read. And thank you for the compliment on the pictures. I just place the books in my house.
    This really was a fun read.

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