Prescription for Life, by Dr. Richard Furman ~~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

If you want to be jolted out of complacency, motivated, inspired to get healthy, you will want to get this book. Dr. Furman is so clear, and his suggestions so do-able, that you will want to give this book to your unhealthy, overweight loved ones – and it will be an act of love. The book is full of amazing, true anecdotes, stories of real people, that are extremely interesting.

He covers three simple points, 1. Eat the right foods, 2. Get to your idea weight, and 3. Exercise. Take this very seriously!! He will make you sit up and take notes. I only disagree mildly with one thing…Furman believes in low-fat, low calorie eating, and I am a good fat advocate. BUT, this book is so good, so inspiring, that I would still recommend it. If this book catches on, it will make a difference.


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