“Breathing Room” by L. Tankersley ~~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

This young author (a mom and wife) has been through a lot. It seems she has had trouble enjoying life, even though her current life is very nice. She was tense, not emotionally healthy. She gives a lot of information on how she got better, and shares suggestions for other tense, unhappy people. I personally […]

Deceived, by Irene Hannon ~~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

Talk about a smooth read. Hannon’s flawless plot and pacing make this a joy to read. Even though she lets us readers in on who the baddy is, fairly early, we aren’t bored. She keeps you turning pages, wanting to follow every twist and turn of the story. I was offered the chance to review […]

Prescription for Life, by Dr. Richard Furman ~~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

If you want to be jolted out of complacency, motivated, inspired to get healthy, you will want to get this book. Dr. Furman is so clear, and his suggestions so do-able, that you will want to give this book to your unhealthy, overweight loved ones – and it will be an act of love. The […]