Review of Hearts Stolen, by Caryl McAdoo (review by Susan Karsten)

Okay … Let me just say … WOW! Hearts Stolen is an exceptional read! With great skill, this author brings on the trials of life, making the reader care deeply about her sojourning characters. The  heroine (what a courageous woman!) and the delightful hero (Gotta find me one!) come together and find love  in a very special way I haven’t often seen. DO NOT miss this one if you are a fan of Christian fiction. Very original, too!

Without telling too much about the plot, I want to assure you that this historical fiction is one of those in which you effortlessly learn all about days gone by. I love that. Now I know a bit more than I did, w/o the knowledge getting in the way of a gorgeous story. Such a thrilling story, with loveable characters, loaded with action and an excellent, satisfying resolution.

Here’s Caryl McAdoo, the author: Displaying 01GrnVelvetGlasses.jpg

Would love to hear from you!

Susan Karsten

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