Parents, Remember to Teach Your Children How to Cross a Street

I hope many people read this and act on it I had a disturbing experience yesterday that got me thinking.

Here’s what happened: I was jogging along a sidewalk across from, and just west of a school. I could see a group gathered, probably waiting on the lawn for a field trip bus to pick them up.

On my side of the street, a small girl exited a pickup truck on the passenger side, moved forward and passed between the front of her vehicle and the parked vehicle in front of it. WITHOUT looking right or left, she shot across the street.

Needless to say, I cringed and was shocked. But, now I am thinking, since children don’t walk to school much anymore, or anywhere else much, maybe parents are forgetting that elemental bit of wisdom: “Look Both Ways Before Crossing a Street” — So, check and make sure your children now this and tell your neighbors, grandchildren etc.

Here is a diagram of the incident (girl who ran out into the street is represented by the green circle)


One thought on “Parents, Remember to Teach Your Children How to Cross a Street

  1. so scary. It took me a long time before I let my boys cross by themselves. The little boy across the street would obey the ‘look both ways’ rule but more the letter of the law that the spirit. As he sprinted across the road he would fling his head back and forth so fast his hair would flop in his eyes. I’m sure he wouldn’t have seen a car until it was on top of him.

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