Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review: “A Plain Love Song” by Kelly Irvin

104_3318This is the fourth book I have read by Kelly Irvin, and this is one of her best among many good ones. She really kept me guessing with the outcome and the interplay between heroine Adah and her two beaus stayed quite realistic, IMO.

The plot elements of song-writing, music, performance anxiety, and Adah’s struggle to decide whether to make the leap into fully joining the Amish society as a full-fledged member are fascinating to read and enjoyable.

The information about the Amish people’s aversion to musical instruments was fascinating and something I didn’t know. I like reading about their rumspringa, too, and much detail about that emerged through Irvin’s fine story-telling.

You must know that I am not normally a fan of, or a reader of “Amish fiction”, but Kelly Irvin’s stories are an exception. Extremely well-written and she doesn’t glorify their life-style, but keeps it real, warts and all.

Please leave a comment with any questions or remarks. Thanks!

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