Susan Karsten’s latest book Review: 90 Minutes in Heaven, by Don Piper

104_3350This is an anniversary edition. It has an interesting new preface and an update from the author.  I’d vaguely heard of this book {but never read it before} which was apparently a smash best-seller over the last ten years — good thing too, because this man had some huge medical bills to deal with!!

Which leads me to the book itself.  After the description of his own after-death experience (more about that in the next paragraph), this book is chock-full of TMI medical details — too much for my taste.  I don’t agree with his theology either — but that’s no surprise since I’m not a Baptist. Okay, the HEAVEN part….Wow!  Very very interesting and inspiring. The thoughts and memories he expressed of his time being dead will stay with me a long time.  I would possibly even recommend this to people who are afraid,  and/or sorrowing.

One interesting point he made is to refute the “flickers of a dying brain” answer non-believers say as the reason for many experiences of light that people have. His experience was extremely fully sensory and detailed and not the product of a dying brain. The book is WORTH it for the description of heaven alone.

Please comment with any thoughts of NDE (near-death experiences)?

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