Perennial Gardening — so fun! Revamped the Flower Bed in the Backyard

Too bad I did not take a before picture, but here’s the after. Nothing in bloom right now, but I got serious, and spent three hours this afternoon to accomplish a much-needed project.

I moved probably ten plants including coneflower, Jacob’s ladder, Dutchman’s breeches, and coral bells. Yanked out straying lamium and fireworks plant, and moved some extras that were too good to discard into my holding bed.

Then, laid down newspaper (where will I get that when the dead tree completely dies?), topped by mulch.  Finally, I placed a few garden ornaments and fencing, and raked up the mess.

Here’s a picture of me by the restored flower bed:


ready to entertain on the deck


If tomorrow’s as nice, I may spend another three hours to repair the other half of the perennials.

Part of what’s so fun about perennials is dividing, sharing, and trading plants. Do you garden? Please leave a comment.


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