Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “I Need Some Help Here!” by Kathi Lipp

Hi, all! I am an experienced mom, actually nearing the end of my every-day, hands-on parenting years.  But this book…one of the few I wish I’d had as a younger mom.  Full of encouragement and wise counsel, the Holy Spirit breathes through the prayers and scriptures given for each heart-wrenching topic.  Very good perspective for parents who need to cling more tightly to their faith and apply it to their mindset and heart.  I do recommend this book.  It’s worth the time and cost.

book cover

book cover

One possible touch of the negative…Something I don’t like about some current parenting/womanhood books is that they are full of reasons to excuse all failures and weaknesses.  This book doesn’t exactly go there, but it does definitely speak to easing the parents’ minds and giving them serenity — I won’t say it goes too far, but there is a tinge. I still recommend the book, and it includes topics I haven’t seen elsewhere– Topics such as : When my child  is Struggling, When my child is Left Out, When my child is Lacking Character…and much more. Excellent chapters, each with at least one or more pertinent illustrative anecdotes.

Here’s a picture of me and my son, who just graduated from college. I home-schooled him from grade 2-12.

What are some of your favorite parenting books? Authors on parenting? For every comment I get, answering one of these questions, I will post a favorite of my own. (So if you want that info — comment!) Fondly, Susan




4 thoughts on “Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “I Need Some Help Here!” by Kathi Lipp

  1. Not really a fan of parenting books. I did like Paul David Tripp’s ‘Age of Opportunity’ on parenting teens. His attitude was that the teen years are nothing to dread. So I didn’t and for the most part I really enjoyed parenting teenagers.

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