Sloppy Joe Recipe, by Susan Karsten

I just had a graduation party. One of the foods I served was Sloppy Joes (this sandwich is called other things in other regions). People thought they were so good, so I am giving out the recipe here.  (Just use any brand of quick oats.) Here is the cover of the cookbook it’s from.  If […]

Interview with Hannah of “Hannah’s Homestead” An Excellent Woman

Hello, readers! Susan Karsten here. Following is my interview of Hannah Kooiman, one of the most talented ladies it is my privilege to know these days. She farms, gardens, cooks, cans, mothers, teaches, crochets, and so on. Read on to find her bio at the end. Thanks! So Hannah, what’s a typical day like for […]

Parenting Thought: Trust your Mothering Instincts, post by Susan Karsten

To write this post, I paged and paged through a book, looking for the quote. It resonated strongly with me. I couldn’t find the quote, but I shall try to reconstruct its thoughts. I wish I had this thought when I was in the beginnings of the struggle to learn how to deal with, and […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: Blind Trust, by Sandra Orchard

This gentle but seriously readable action, mystery, adventure, romance, draws you in from page one. So much to enjoy here! Very appealing heroine, dashing and protective hero, having to wait for fulfillment because of the ins and outs of the engrossing crime case they become involved in. This book defies genre-niche (in my opinion) and […]

Thrifty Tip with Ice for Parties! by Susan Karsten

You may be able to save about $10-20 this way. As I led up to my daughter’s graduation party, I started bagging ice cubes for about a week. I had enough for two pop coolers (if you have the pop chilled, just dump some ice on top to keep it cool), and for a couple […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “I Need Some Help Here!” by Kathi Lipp

Hi, all! I am an experienced mom, actually nearing the end of my every-day, hands-on parenting years.  But this book…one of the few I wish I’d had as a younger mom.  Full of encouragement and wise counsel, the Holy Spirit breathes through the prayers and scriptures given for each heart-wrenching topic.  Very good perspective for […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: “A Place in His Heart” by Rebecca Demarino

This historical fiction book, set in 1630, takes the reader on a unique journey. From England’s towns to pioneer America, the varied and non-cliched characters are enjoyable to travel with. The main characters, Mary & Barnabas, are thrown together by providence. They try to make the best of their marriage of love and convenience. But […]

My Son, the College Graduate, by God’s grace alone

I give ALL the credit, honor, and glory to God for any success we’ve had. God has gifted, given, forgiven, blessed. I am a weak vessel and it’s only through Him that I do anything at all “good”. That said, we celebrated our son’s college graduation on May 24. What a wonderful time to revel […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: A Woman of Fortune, by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Because it is mostly about a disaster within a family and a marriage, I can’t say that I loved this book… but I liked it. If you can get past the subject matter, it’s a very intriguing, unusual, and well-written story. I don’t want to tell too much of what happens to this marriage and […]