Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: “While Love Stirs”, by Lorna Seilstad

A charming read. Set in the Twin Cities, with select scenes in surrounding communities, there’s plenty here to enjoy. What I really liked, besides the Minnesota setting which was fun, was learning about that time in history through the character, Charlotte. She was hired by a gas company to promote gas stoves, which I am […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “One More Last Chance” by Cathleen Armstrong

One of the best Christian fiction romances I have ever read! As I finished it, and looked at the information in the back of the book, it was easy to see why this author won the Genesis award last year for this book’s predecessor. Read on for why I say it’s so good. One word: […]

What is an A-line dress? Not what you are hearing these days!

I’ll admit it, I watch a wedding dress show while I am working out. The reason I am posting about this is that I keep hearing the term “A-line” being used WRONG by these fancy-dancy wedding dress salespeople. They erroneously call a-line what is actually a natural waistline dress. For clarification, here are some A-line […]

Daisies are Forever, by Liz Tolsma ~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

Revealing a little-known time/event in WWII history, this fascinating book takes you to places and events you never knew existed. And TAKE YOU THERE Tolsma does! I couldn’t get to sleep one night during the reading of this book, because of the images flitting through my mind – the novel is extremely vivid in creating […]

Cherie Burbach Interview ~ Poetry, and interview by Susan Karsten

Cherie Burbach – Interview About Poetry How did you first discover that you loved poetry? In second grade, my teacher suggested I start writing poetry. I knew nothing about it, but was writing a lot of short stories that she said had a “poetic” vibe about them. From them I start writing what I thought […]

The Mixed Media Art of Cherie Burbach

    You’ve seen my recent posts about Cherie’s poetry, her book My Soul is From a Different Place, and an interview of this Wisconsin poet. Since her art is also a feast for the soul and the eye, I wanted to feature a few examples of The art of Cherie Burbach, for those who […]