Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: One Perfect Spring, by Irene Hannon

One of the FINEST inspirational romances I have EVER read. I won’t give away any of the delicious plot details–you’ll want to discover them on your own–but, I will tell you why this book, One Perfect Spring is so great.

One Perfect Spring,  by Irene Hannon

One Perfect Spring,
by Irene Hannon

Endorsed by massively successful Debbie McComber, One Perfect Spring delivers. The hero and heroine are attractive characters (accent on the character). Yes, they are nice-looking people, which is fun, BUT they are complicated and real. When Claire struggles to maintain her home as a single parent, you’ll be rooting for her. When Keith agonizes over abandonment issues, you will hurt for him and want him to be healed. You’ll also be treated to a secondary romance with all the bells and whistles. Adding to the fun, as you read this book, you might notice a character with a resemblance to the author!

I strongly believe this could be a crossover hit–it’s that good! Extremely smoothly written, full of amazingly interesting details, you must see for yourselves. Thanks for visiting Gracious Woman!

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