Cardinal, a poem by Cherie Burbach

Hi, friends, you may have been enjoying my posts featuring Wisconsin’s esteemed poet, Cherie Burbach. Here is another example of her work:


Red feathers stand out defiantly
against snow heavy branches.
He sits boldly,
refusing to hide
while she perches near him
quietly but strong.

As danger approaches,
he releases a sound,
sharp and searing,
a proclamation
that lets the world know
he is here
and he may move about
to protect himself
but he will not leave.

He is here to guard over her,
and the little ones hidden away.

He is here to
draw oohs and ahhs
as a handmade creation by God.

He might face danger,
and the cruelness of winter,
but he will raise his voice
to celebrate the joy of life
and to those who find him
irritating, too brash, and lacking grace
he will simply fly
to a higher branch
and continue his
own personal song.

Bio:  Cherie Burbach is a writer, poet, and mixed media artist. Her latest poetry book is My Soul Is From a Different Place. She’s written for, NBC/Universal,, and more. Visit her website,




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