Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “The Manual to Manhood” by Jonathan Catherman

Hi, friends!

I got an advance copy of The Manual to Manhood for the express purpose of reading it, then blogging about it.  Not a problem–in fact this book was a pleasure to read.





With ten categories of knowledge/tips, Catherman covers the entire scope of  hard-hitting practical wisdom for men.  The book is one that would make a great High School graduation gift as to me, it seems like it is best-suited for the older teen boy.

That might just be me, though, so take a look for yourself — many men could surely benefit from this, if only as a review.  Some of the sections that were of high interest to me were the ones on Women  & Dating, Clothes & Style, Social Skills & Manners, and Work & Ethics. These topic areas need a lot of work in our society.

Another group who will benefit from this book are the fatherless sons out there. The book covers things a boy would normally learn from Dad, but these days Dad is often absent.  From this book, a son could learn how to throw a football, how to shave, how to tie a tie, how to change oil, how to unstop a clogged drain.

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