Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: “Winter Watch” by Anita Klumpers

Hi, dear blog followers!

I really liked Winter Watch, the debut novel of Anita Klumpers.  Anita lives within about 60 miles of me, so I have met her in person. I want you to know that, even though I consider her a friend, that hasn’t influenced the glowing review I am about to give.

My reading experience of Winter Watch was very good.  It is only the third or fourth book I have read completely on my electronic reading device (Nook).  As I write this review, I only wish I had the print book in my hands to glance over to remind me of all the great things I loved about this story.  The book IS available in both print and electronic version.

But, I will just go by memory.  Not a problem, since this was one memorable doozy of a mystery novel. Inspirational touches lightly sprinkled throughout only added to the enjoyment of this good, clean, crazy good cozy mystery.  I am very favorably impressed by my fellow Wisconsinite author’s debut novel.

Anita, if you are reading this: You nailed it! ~~ and ~~ I loved it! Not only was this story set in Northern Wisconsin, in a town a lot like one I visited on my honeymoon, it featured some extremely unique elements which I found highly enjoyable. Bed and Breakfasts, snowmobiles, home schooling, matchmaking, crushes, antiques, legends, treasure…to name a few.

So, it is with great pleasure that I recommend Winter Watch to you.


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