Susan Karsten’s latest book Review: “Sincerely Yours” Novella Collection (Authors Eakes, Cabot, Kirkpatrick, Shorey)

For variety alone, the novella collection “Sincerely Yours” is worth the price, and more. Four fascinating historical fiction novellas all under one Beautiful cover!

First, you get A MOONLIGHT PROMISE by the prolific and successful author, Laurie Alice Eakes. She brings life on the Hudson River crica 1825 into focus. How knew how fascinating all the steamboat lore would be? Camilla and Capt Black come together in a perfect storm of conflicting desires and needs. I shall say no more, for I do not want to spoil your fun.

Second, we have LESSONS in LOVE by Ann Shorey set circa 1858 Chicago. Who wouldn’t love a humble, handsome piano teacher? The plot twist of heroine Merrie writing wifehood advice is a real cute element. To learn how it all works out, you will want to read this delightful novella.

Third comes ONE LITTLE WORD by Amanda Cabot and this one’s set in Plato Falls, NY, 1892. Cabot’s usual deft touch with fiction comes to the fore once again. LIlac Hall is a fabulous setting for gripping romance and you’ll enjoy the knowledge you will gain about carousels. A true fairy-tale ending is like the dessert in this yummy novella.

Finally we have, A SAVING GRACE by Jane Kirkpatrick. Set in Olalla, WA in 1911, we enter the freaky world of a quack’s sanitarium. Intrepid Grace travels to investigate the condition of her dear friend, and uncovers a dangerous clinic. With the help of a neatly-placed, undercover hero, she works toward a solve, even going so far as to enter the clinic herself. Very good with a unique historical angle.

This novella collection, Sincerely Yours, will give you a lot of reading pleasure. By the way, Jane Kirkpatrick is doing a giveaway at  She’d  love for you to be a part of it – so go visit! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Susan Karsten’s latest book Review: “Sincerely Yours” Novella Collection (Authors Eakes, Cabot, Kirkpatrick, Shorey)

    • Hi, Ann…I hope to join the ranks of published authors myself someday soon. I am acquainted with Laurie Alice through our common interest in writing regency fiction. I am glad you liked the review.

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