Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: One Perfect Spring, by Irene Hannon

One of the FINEST inspirational romances I have EVER read. I won’t give away any of the delicious plot details–you’ll want to discover them on your own–but, I will tell you why this book, One Perfect Spring is so great. Endorsed by massively successful Debbie McComber, One Perfect Spring delivers. The hero and heroine are […]

Cardinal, a poem by Cherie Burbach

Hi, friends, you may have been enjoying my posts featuring Wisconsin’s esteemed poet, Cherie Burbach. Here is another example of her work: Cardinal Red feathers stand out defiantly against snow heavy branches. He sits boldly, refusing to hide while she perches near him quietly but strong. As danger approaches, he releases a sound, sharp and […]

“My Soul is From a Different Place” new book by Cherie Burbach

Esteemed Wisconsin poet, Cherie Burbach, has a new book out! Yay! This is a lovely book, and if you like poetry, you are in for a treat!  The poems in My Soul Is From a Different Place reflect the hope and spirit that have been evident in Cherie Burbach’s work for over a decade.  Each poem […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: The Pelican Bride, by Beth White

I challenge anyone to tell me they have EVER read a book, set in colonial Alabama, featuring a Huguenot heroine…Any takers?? Apart from its unique setting, this book is a multi-layered feast to the historical fiction reader. Fascinating details which could only come from deep hours of authorial research and melded into a gripping drama, featuring […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “The Manual to Manhood” by Jonathan Catherman

Hi, friends! I got an advance copy of The Manual to Manhood for the express purpose of reading it, then blogging about it.  Not a problem–in fact this book was a pleasure to read.         With ten categories of knowledge/tips, Catherman covers the entire scope of  hard-hitting practical wisdom for men.  The book […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: Chain of Mercy, by Brenda S. Anderson

  Here’s a little summary of newly-released Chain of Mercy:  When a high-powered Manhattan businessman’s life crashes down around him, he flees to Minneapolis, and hides away as a boiler repairman, living a solitary, humble life. The heroine is a female executive who falls head-over-heels for the handsome custodian/boiler man. She thinks he’s perfect but […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “What Follows After” by Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh draws you in to his fabulous story world — and won’t let you go.  This intriguing book transcends a couple of genres, but I will call it historical fiction, since the bulk of it takes place in the early 1960s. Yet, the whole book has a contemporary feel, and enough mystery to nudge […]