Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Love Redeemed, by Kelly Irvin

I’ve said before that Irvin’s Amish fiction transcends the genre. Her stories are so well constructed, they do not idolize or idealize the Amish, and she has a wonderful touch with painting characters that won’t let you go.

I do not want to spoil your reading experience by telling too much of the plot, but the set up is really sweet. Phoebe, flighty by Amish standards, has cared for Michael since childhood. When he finally gets up the guts to begin the Amish courting rituals with her, sparks fly. After that, you best hang on, because Kelly Irvin takes you on a vivid, compelling ride, complete with bumps, valleys, peaks, and a few very dark hours.

What is your favorite Amish fiction book? Answer with a comment.

Susan Karsten


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