Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Love Redeemed, by Kelly Irvin

I’ve said before that Irvin’s Amish fiction transcends the genre. Her stories are so well constructed, they do not idolize or idealize the Amish, and she has a wonderful touch with painting characters that won’t let you go. I do not want to spoil your reading experience by telling too much of the plot, but […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Snow on the Tulips, by Liz Tolsma

I have a personal connection to this book: I know the author, she interviewed men in my community, and I helped promote this book last fall when it released. THAT makes me all the HAPPIER to be able to say, “Snow on the Tulips” is a gripping, historically accurate read that you won’t want to […]

Book Review: The Dream Dress, by Janice Thompson

Isn’t this cover inviting?!  Not wanting to give too much of this fun story away, let me just say that if you are interested in weddings, wedding dresses, wedding planning, bakeries, small businesses, sewing, designing, and LOVE…. you will find plenty to please in this rollicking Christian romance. From the blurb:  A lowly seamstress at […]

Book Review by Susan Karsten ~ Everyday Confetti

YUM! From the enticing cover through every page of this low-stress, high interest book, you will be inspired, both to dazzle you family with love-motivated edibles, but to bless all those around you with your gift for making things special. So enjoyable to read that I put it on my nightstand to savor each night, […]

BOOK REVIEW: My Amish Boyfriend, by Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson has done it again!  I can’t say enough about this deft handling of the whole “Amish fiction thing”. Carlson brings it! This is one of those YA/teen reads that is thoroughly satisfying for the adult reader as well. Jump right into caring about Shannon and her mother (whose mysterious ailment adds tension and […]

Book Review: Love’s Sweet Beginning, by Anne Shorey

A lovable main character/heroine named Cassie Haddon grabs you and won’t let go. She has to fall onto her own undeveloped resources to survive in a small town in the Old West. Her contretemps in the kitchen will have you smiling, and the pressures she is under will have you rooting for Cassie all the […]

Book Review: Rachel, a novel, by Jill Eileen Smith

Setting the inevitable debate about Biblical fiction aside for a moment: This book is SO well-written. How does this creative author come up with such fascinating ideas to flesh out the fascinating tale of Rachel, Leah, and Jacob??   Wow! From the blurb:  Rachel wants nothing more than for her older half sister Leah to […]