Chocolate Sauce for Ice Cream – Home Made Gift #4 in a series


This was a recipe originally from a TV chef called “The Mystery Chef”, and it is soooo ggggoooooddd.

Coffee-Hot Fudge Sauce

3/4 C mini semi-sweet choc. chips

1/4 C butter

2/3 C sugar

4 t instant coffee crystals

1 5-oz. can of evaporated milk

Place chocolate and butter in small pan over low heat, stirring constantly till smooth. Add sugar & coffee crystals. Gradually stir in evap. mild. Bring to boil, reduce heat. Boil gently (simmer) for 8 minutes, stirring frequently. Makes 1.5 Cups.

I made this according to the recipe for years, but recently, I tried it using regular chips, and regular milk — it was fine!! Also, this recipe can be doubled. Store in refrigerator. Your dear ones will be thrilled to receive this homemade gift.

THIS IS A WINNER! I’ve kept this recipe for over 25 years.


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