Black Friday Report, by Susan Karsten

Here in rural WI, the shopping scene underwhelms. Today, I went out the door a bit before 8, and ceased shopping around noon. When it gets super-crowded, I don’t like it. When I go, the early birds are gone and the late-risers aren’t there yet.

TJ Maxx was one stop. Their prices are pretty good all the time, so no specials for this day. But I hope the 300 thread count sheets I got for $30 are a good deal?  They match my paint.

I stepped down the sidewalk to JoAnn’s Fabric to see about some fabric to make my niece a fleece throw (she wants one). No one much going in or out — the front of the exterior looked quiet. Not so. The store was in gridlock. Horrid. I turned around and gave up on the fleece. I’d rather pay full price than stand in those cramped lines.

Now I shall share a secret about Black Friday shopping at Kohl’s. Buy some jewelry or make-up. Yes, if you buy either of those categories, you can check out at the fine jewelry counter!! Only two people ahead of me.

On a side note, about ten years ago, I would marvel and laugh at the people using cell phones to contact others in the mall. It seemed so … I don’t know, over-the-top and new? I am doing that very thing now, and I totally understand. My two daughters and I tend to shoot off to different departments and the phones come in very handy.

Hope you enjoy my little report.

If you have any tips or fun experiences or super buys, please post a comment.

4 thoughts on “Black Friday Report, by Susan Karsten

  1. Thanks for your Black Friday report, Susan. I like the tip about buying jewelry or make up at Kohl’s since you can avoid the long lines for these items. The lines were terribly long at Kohl’s during the time we were there this year.

  2. I did the same thing at Herberger’s (in LaCrosse.) I brought my men’s dress pants to the housewares dept. in the back of the store. Hardly any waiting! By the way, I’ve found that LaCrosse is busy but not as crazy as Madison, And the people are so friendly. We have a blast every year out there.

    • Yes, it works! But at Kohl’s jewelry counter, you do have to be buying some jewelry in order to check out there — simple include a jewelry gift on your list for a daughter or friend.

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