Common Weed for Itchy Emergencies

I’m no maven of natural remedies, but there is one I swear by … because it works like a miracle cure. Its common name is plantain weed. Here is what it looks like:

You’ve seen it, right? Okay, so you contact some nettle, or have an itchy bug bite. You’re outside with no medicine cabinet handy. Walk around, find this weed. Take a leaf (two if it’s small) and place the leaf in your left palm. Use your right thumbnail to score the leaf and release its juice. You will see moisture emerge from the scores. Rub this on the affected area. The itch will be gone.


3 thoughts on “Common Weed for Itchy Emergencies

  1. Thanks for the information on plantain weed! That is helpful. For some reason I cannot get the picture of the weed to come up for me when I click on your article though. I might be doing something wrong or maybe our internet is blocking it.

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