“100 Days of Blessing” (Volumes 1 & 2) by Nancy Campbell ~ a book review by Susan Karsten

When I saw that the second volume of the “100 Days of Blessing” devotional book was now available, I ordered it immediately. For someone who gets almost all her abundant reading material from the library, or from used book stores, this is saying a lot. The devotionals are exceptional and oh, so relatable. If you […]

Revising Your Novel ~ a Necessary Task

I wrote my first inspirational Christian fiction historical romance a couple of years ago, and blithely charged on to begin (and finish!) my second book. About that time, my tough, but excellent critique partner got wind of my thoughts about starting book three. To paraphrase, she said, “You are not going to start another book […]

Common Weed for Itchy Emergencies

I’m no maven of natural remedies, but there is one I swear by … because it works like a miracle cure. Its common name is plantain weed. Here is what it looks like: You’ve seen it, right? Okay, so you contact some nettle, or have an itchy bug bite. You’re outside with no medicine cabinet […]