Teaching Daughters to Like the Kitchen ~ A Surprising Tip

If you’ve read even lightly on the topic of teaching the home arts to our daughters, you have probably come across some “sage” advice that I am hereby refuting. The books sometimes say things like, “Require the child to also clean up the kitchen after baking.” I disagree.
I believe that for most children, that is too much of a burden. Even if they “can” do it, for most, it will discourage them to be quick to enter the baking/cooking arena as often.
Okay, if you must teach them the clean-up lesson, you could have a rule that the dirty dishes, implements, and bowls must be rinsed and stacked neatly. That’s enough, and if they do more, it’s all to the good.

This wisdom came to me lately as I gratefully observed my teenage daughter cleaning up after a baking session. Without a word from me. Over the years, her innate good family-citizenship bloomed and it’s now a given for her to clean up after herself.
I wonder, if I’d heavy-handedly required a complete clean-up, whether she’d be as willing now to enter the realm of baking, and cooking on her own initiative. I think we moms need to give much grace as our girls learn the wonderful art of homemaking.

How has your experience been in this area?

3 thoughts on “Teaching Daughters to Like the Kitchen ~ A Surprising Tip

  1. I love this perspective! My mom was so terrific but for some reason her idea of having us help cook or bake meant greasing the pans and cleaning up after 🙂

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