Poem by My Son ~ Happy Mother’s Day

I was shuffling through some darling handmade Mother’s Day cards which reside in a nook of my secretary desk. Caught up in the pile, amidst the darling cards from my three, was a humorous poem by my son. The poem, written when he was about twelve, has a spring theme (flowers), so I thought I’d share it as a treat for any mothers who might be reading my blog post.

Flowers are bad,

They make me sad.

Once I saw a flower.

It made me go inside and cower.

I saw a daisy.

It made me go crazy.

I saw a lily.

It made me realy silly.

I saw an aster.

Then I ate plaster.

I saw a bloom.

It gave me my doom.

I saw a snapdragon.

It made me act like Fagin.

I saw a four-o-clock.

It made me run around the block (30 times)

I saw a cosmos.

Boy, it was really gross.

And that’s why flowers are bad,

They make me really sad.

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