A Mother’s response to High-power Businesswoman

I struggle with how to frame this experience. I don’t know if our culture has so lost it that people won’t even understand. Some will surely rail at me with their own excuses. I have a blog, however, to discuss my own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. That said, I recently got some sad insight on the thought processes of how a mother justifies leaving her small children in the care of others so they can seek a third income for their 4-person family.

Departing from a business dinner to which I accompanied my husband, I engaged in conversation the sleek female financial whiz who had so adeptly held forth about the investments of the gathered capitalist group. I mentioned how knowledgeable she was, and how well she explained complicated financial products. “One last question,” I said. “With such a high-powered career, how do you juggle a family, two children, a husband, a home?”

I just wanted to hear what she would say. She responded, “I am passionate about my job. I teach my children that everybody has to work.” Somewhat dumbfounded and surprised at how like a communist that sounded, and not about to wade in, I murmured, smiled, and got my coat on. During the social part of the evening, she had shared with the group that her husband had two excellent high-end jobs. So where is the ‘having to work’?

By the way. I ‘work’. In my home. I am passionate about it. Somehow, I manage without the fancy income, high-end job, without any tax benefits (you only get that if you use child care). I am honest with my children about why I work – in the home. So I can raise my own children.

She looks well to the ways of her household
and does not eat the bread of idleness.
28 Her children rise up and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her

from Proverbs 31

Just saying.

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s response to High-power Businesswoman

  1. Funny, I couldn’t find a nice picture on Google images of a mother in a business suit with a child. Sort of a wagging finger shot, with the mom expounded on her way out the door.

  2. Thanks for sharing this experience, Susan! It is quite tragic that too many families are affected by the emptiness of our culture that pushes career-mindedness for both a mother and a father and forgets about the real needs of children. We need to keep praying that this mind-set will change by God’s grace.

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