17 Years to Embroider Tablecloth, 31 Years of Hospitality: My friend Debbie

Photo was taken at a post-worship Easter spread this past Easter Sunday (Messiah Episcopal Church, St. Paul, MN).  Debbie just finished the tablecloth in the picture in January after 18 years of embroidery!  It is a cloth entitled “Celebration” originally purchased from Herrschners in WI.  She could not wash it until it was done because it was a stamped cross stitch  project and she reports it  smelled terrible!  She got it clean though, and  ironed it just before church on Easter Sunday. (Talk about getting it together last minute!)
Easter 2013
Almost everything was eaten.  Debbie’s boss asked at a staff meeting last week what everyone was doing for Easter and when she explained about coffee hour, the boss asked how much did  Debbie get reimbursed??  Debbie said, “That’s not why I do it.” The boss said, “I’d be mad if they made me do all that work and I got nothing for it.”  Debbie told her how much she enjoys doing it for her church family and had done so for 31 years and the boss looked at her like she was crazy. She really didn’t understand it.
What a gift of service, love and hospitality Debbie has. The tablecloth is a masterpiece of perseverance.

4 thoughts on “17 Years to Embroider Tablecloth, 31 Years of Hospitality: My friend Debbie

  1. What a wonderful gift of love and service Debbie has given to her church family all these many years! I would love to be able to see the photo of the tablecloth, but it is not appearing for me. I am sure it is beautiful!

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