Freezer Tips from a Humble Cook, by Susan Karsten

I am an at-home-maker, mom of three, wife of one :), married for 23 years. Today, I want to share some of my top tips on Freezer-related issues. All family cooks know the dreaded realization: “I forgot to get something out of the freezer!” If you’re like me, when this happens you resort to canned […]

A Mother’s response to High-power Businesswoman

I struggle with how to frame this experience. I don’t know if our culture has so lost it that people won’t even understand. Some will surely rail at me with their own excuses. I have a blog, however, to discuss my own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. That said, I recently got some sad insight on […]

17 Years to Embroider Tablecloth, 31 Years of Hospitality: My friend Debbie

THE EMBROIDERY: Photo was taken at a post-worship Easter spread this past Easter Sunday (Messiah Episcopal Church, St. Paul, MN).  Debbie just finished the tablecloth in the picture in January after 18 years of embroidery!  It is a cloth entitled “Celebration” originally purchased from Herrschners in WI.  She could not wash it until it was […]