Sewing a Busy Book (Quiet Book) in 185 easy steps = Perserverance

About ten years ago, I obtained a pattern with instructions for making a busy book — just the kind of toy I would have loved as a child. I began making it a couple of years ago, hoping my daughter would make it with me. Not so much. I am now in the home stretch with this Busy Book. Calculations say that I can finish the cover and putting it together in a mere 15 additional steps.


My favorite page – the basket is from Aida cloth, and Velcro tabs hold up the wash.


I have to admit, it was fun picking out the bright fabrics for this project.


Sort of a home-made, flat Abacus. Can you see a few shaped beads mixed in?


The bag has felt “food” inside and a snap closure. I used a shirt sleeve for the bag and wired ribbon for the handle.


This page cheers me up just looking at it. 1930s retro print on the flowerpot.


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