Hindsight Parenting Advice (from a mother of 8) ~ part 3 of 4

Greetings. I have the privilege to have a friend with a large family (which equals lots of experience) who is nearing the end of her hands-on parenting years. My dear friends “SB” consented to expound on some of her own hard-earned parenting lessons. She shares her wisdom for our benefit. I agree with her perspective, and am excited to have these pearls to share. I will be publishing her thoughts in four parts. Here is the 3rd:

    Another thought is that if I were starting over I would be slower to speak to our children and quicker to listen to them and their heart comments when I would see something that concerns me in one of them.  If children are bombarded with too much correction, they get discouraged.  They need much encouragement from their parents and much affection and gentleness as we try to steer them on the right path.

Over-correcting can leave them so discouraged and defensive, especially as they are growing older.  I have learned to be slower to speak to them about things and instead take the concern to my loving, wise Heavenly Father first and see if it is best to just give the problem to Him completely, asking Him to show and teach the child in His own way or for the wisdom to know how to approach the problem in a way that will not make the child defensive or feel over-corrected or discouraged.  When I have done this, I have often been amazed to see God handle the problem without me even needing to do much at all.  God is truly our helper and the only One who can really change the heart of a child or a parent.

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