Hindsight Parenting Advice from mother of eight (8)! (part 1)

Greetings. I have the privilege to have some friends with large families who are nearing the end of their hands-on parenting years. One of my dear friends “SB” consented to expound on some of her own hard-earned parenting lessons. She shares her wisdom for our benefit. I agree with her perspective, and am excited to have these pearls to share. I will be publishing her thoughts in four parts. Here is the 1st:

SB said:

1.  If I had the precious opportunity to do some things differently as a mother in the earlier years of raising our children, I would rely much more each moment of each day on asking God for wisdom with each child and not even be tempted to think there is a good child-training formula to follow that will work for all children.  I would pray even more for wisdom daily for nurturing each child and how to relate in a God-glorifying way with each, always keeping in mind to be gentle yet firm when needed, kind, loving, and not irritable.

2.   I would put into practice the concept of  helping each child’s emotional tank to be full (as explained so beautifully in Dr. Ross Campbell’s books such as How to Really Love Your Child, How to Really Love Your Teenager, Relational Parenting, and Kids in Danger).

Come back for the next installment, in which SB gives more wonderful perspective.


One thought on “Hindsight Parenting Advice from mother of eight (8)! (part 1)

  1. Tip #1 is something I need to remember. My kids are different individuals, and they need different things from me. Sometimes I get lazy and try to force the same “rules” on all of them. Thanks for the wise reminders, SB!

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