Music Literacy for the Home Educator – part 2

Nurturing children’s appreciation for music can be quite natural for some, but requires some planning, purposefulness, and effort.

Some of the resources I used during early elementary years (ages 7-12) included Moving Freely, an interpretive dance video, and Sono Harris’s Fun Physical Fitness for the Home educational CD & book set which incorporates music. Movement related to music is a wonderful way to engender the love and joy of music.High quality childrens’s music can provide many happy hours for the family. Mary Rice Hopkins has CDs In My Garden, and Good Buddies and others which are inviting and well done. My favorite to recommend is the wonderful Canadian artist Jamie Soles, with his CDs such as Up from Here, The Way My Story Goes, and  Fun and Prophets.

These are a few favorite titles of his musically great, humorous, Biblical and intelligent CDs.

The Hide ‘Em In Your Heart series by Steve Green are great, Don’t miss Take Your Hat Off by Janeen Brady.

Piano lessons should ideally have begun by this age. All three of ours took lessons from second grade on. They enjoyed learning, and progressing year after year. Taking their music to nursing homes or talent shows allowed a venue to perform while blessing others.

Our town is small, less than 10,000 population, but even here, there are concert opportunities. This is the perfect age to begin to learn concert etiquette and to experience the excitement of listening and watching a live performance. We were able to see the Navy Band in our high school gym, folk musicians in the parks, and choir concerts.

We also love to sing. We go to a church which uses Psalters for the corporate worship singing. We sing the Psalms, loving every minute of it. It’s very beneficial to have the music and the words on the page. It enables the beginnings of sight reading and following notes.

It’s not rocket science – just add music to your parenting priority list.

2 thoughts on “Music Literacy for the Home Educator – part 2

  1. I love the idea of kids performing at nursing homes. When my kids were younger, our home school group used to give music recitals at a nursing home. It was a great way to give the kids experience in performing in front of an audience, and the fact that it was a not-particularly-critical and exceptionally appreciative audience made it less intimidating and more fun. The moms would bring homemade cookies and treats to share with the residents after the recital was over. A good time was had by all. 🙂

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