Lower Your Water Bills, by Susan Karsten

Looks happy :)

Looks happy 🙂

The price of water has gone up. We all know that. I have been thinking of some simple ways to reduce them. Even a small reduction is good, right?

When I was growing up, there was a jingle “Electricity is penny cheap,…” (no more), and I assume water was cheap, too. My parents never brought up using less water or electricity any more than asking me to turn off lights when I left a room.

And I am not advocating nagging your family, or becoming obsessed with bills. After all, the Lord provides, even the money to pay the bills.

Suggestion #1: {This is so simple, it’s embarrassing} Make sure your young children KNOW that water costs money. This is one of those intuitive teaching moments parents have so many of. Presumably, if they know leaving the water running unnecessarily while using a sink or tub costs their parents cold, hard cash, they will become more economical in their usage. If you never tell them, they might think that freely-flowing water we enjoy in America is, well, FREE!

Suggestion #2:  {This one’s just plain embarrassing}  When you have company over for a meal, and they live in the country (with a well on their own property) or in a rental (where they don’t pay for water), after the meal, when they offer to help,  have them wash the dishes, not rinse. I have noticed my dear country/rental friends blasting the water, leaving it running, etc. If they wash, there’s less room for waste. Or better yet, for them, leave the dishes til after they go home.

Suggestion #3: When running a faucet, for whatever purpose, use a pencil-size stream of water — not full blast. It’s amazingly enough, usually.

I hope at least a few of you “get” my thoughts here and put them to use. I’m sure there are more ways to save on your water bills – please post a comment telling your favorite tip.


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