Music Literacy for the Home Educator – part 2

Nurturing children’s appreciation for music can be quite natural for some, but requires some planning, purposefulness, and effort. Some of the resources I used during early elementary years (ages 7-12) included Moving Freely, an interpretive dance video, and Sono Harris’s Fun Physical Fitness for the Home educational CD & book set which incorporates music. Movement […]

Little-Known Beauty Tips, by Susan Karsten

Our culture is beauty-obsessed. Many woman are caught up in worrying too much about how they look. To relieve your anxiety in this area, please meditate upon and enact the practice of the following. 1. After you have dressed and done your hair, and makeup … now forget about it. Let that be that. Don’t […]

Lower Your Water Bills, by Susan Karsten

The price of water has gone up. We all know that. I have been thinking of some simple ways to reduce them. Even a small reduction is good, right? When I was growing up, there was a jingle “Electricity is penny cheap,…” (no more), and I assume water was cheap, too. My parents never brought […]