White Rose Estate Sales strikes again

One of my sidelines (besides home schooling, writing fiction, selling things on eBay) is running estate sales. My third opportunity to hold a sale is now happening. Lest  the words: “Estate Sale” give you an impression of glamour, I thought I’d post some pics of my latest venture.  The sale is projected to be held on a Saturday in late January.

A vacant home, chock full of “stuff”. Weeding and wading through it all. Much will be discarded, much will be donated. Much will be retained to sell to eager vintage and antique buffs, as well as other thrifty bargain hunters.

Here’s a picture of a bedroom. At first, we couldn’t get the door all the way open.

BR 1

BR #1

The stacks were chest-high on me.

Here is the same room, empty of trash and with donations removed.

BR #1 after

BR #1 after

A shot of one of many kitchen cupboards; all had to be emptied.


One thing we found was an old fruitcake ~ how cliché! We decided not to regift it. We sent it to its demise.IMG_0329 (1)

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