Top Three Tips for looking Young

Let me give a disclaimer before we begin: To age is our destiny. Aged people are wise and wonderful.  So, don’t get me wrong about wanting to look “young”.  I think one of the first things I will do to my new blog is to adjust the subtitle to include the word beauty. Oh, yes, disclaimer #2: True beauty comes from within. Those things said, I am about to share some simple tips which have risen to the top.

1. Dark wash jeans … only! The reason is obvious, dark colors recede from the eye (look smaller). One more jeans-related tip is to go for 100% cotton, not stretch — all cotton has a more restraining effect (enough said).

2. Love the 3/4 length sleeve! Baggy saggy elbows should be hidden from the world’s eyes. You are hereby concealing one of the oldest-looking parts of your body. So when shopping, religiously avoid anything that is not 3/4 length or longer.

3. Sunscreen*. Use a moisturizer containing sunscreen every day. Down the road, your face will be a marvel compared to your age peers. Make sure to get the lotion all the way over to the edges of your face. * To be started as young as possible (I started doing this in my 30s, and I believe it has made a difference.

There you have my top 3 “look younger” tips. I have more, but these leap to mind as 3 of the best. Hope you enjoy these simple tips.

If you have some awesome tips/wisdom in this area, please leave a comment, okay?

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