Teach Us, Lord … Meditation on Psalm 90

Welcome to “Gracious Woman” – my new effort at communicating with, and broadening, my circle of friends.

A song ran through my head this afternoon.  Psalter Hymnal #174 “O Teach Thou Us to Count Our Days”  based on Psalm 90. It has an awesome tune and it would be well worth your time to find it on YouTube at

Psalm 90 – Psalter 246 A Pilgrim’s Prayers

A real rouser.

Here are the words of the first line:

O teach thou us to count our days

And set our hearts on wisdom’s ways

Hope that is enough to spark your interest enough to give it a listen. I love singing the Psalms, and have learned many that way. Not having the benefit of being raised up with Scriptures, I am thrilled to have hidden even a bit of God’s words in my heart. We are instructed to count our days and not to waste our lives, waiting for a better moment, giving excuses, or procrastinating. To set our hearts on wisdom’s ways, we need to be willing to learn from the circumstances in which God has placed us.

The blog, Gracious Woman will focus on growing in God’s grace and  wisdom, with a strong focus on homemaking, writing, and books. I’ll be bringing you my best thrifty tips for the home, chatting about writing fiction and teaching writing, and about my lifelong passion for good books.

Hope you’ll visit again, soon.

One thought on “Teach Us, Lord … Meditation on Psalm 90

  1. I feel privileged to be among the few who have had a sneak preview of Refuge for Rosanna. Well-written, Rosanna is a delightful tale that draws you in and makes turning the page a must. Distinct characters welcome the reader to a different time period where they can listen in during tea time, or take a tour of Rosanna’s new home. You might even hear a bit of local gossip…

    Every now and then it’s nice to leave the twenty-first century and take a trip back in time.

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